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Ten words that describe you

01 } British
02 } Historian
03 } Equestrian
04 } Wealthy
05 } Learned
06 } Noble
07 } Soulmate
08 } Resilient
09 } Opulent
10 } Circumspect
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Qu'est-ce qu'on est bien chez soi.
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Who: Xavier Carlisle and Jenna Greene
What: Caught in the act
Where: Carlisle Manor
When: Late Thursday evening

Lately, Xavier's usually structured life had been flipped upside. It had been a domino effect of terrible things happening and because he was connected a lot of it, he had needed to keep his fingers in multiple different pies. He was Toreador Primogen, and therefore, he had to be on-hand as advisor to those in his Clan in their City that needed guidance. That meant cockblocking bullshit to avert crisis and stepping in as psuedo-Sire for Asher Rose, who was only just beginning to allow Logan and Eric close to him. On top of that, he had Seamus finding his soul mate, who was a badly messed up young man and to keep a check on Seasmus' vulnerability to frenzy around Luka and the fact Luka had tried to overdose, Xavier had brought Luka to stay here at the manor... if only to alleviate the strain on Xavier's own sanity. If he could at least contain some of the issues under his own roof, he could keep a better hold on it all.

He had just forgotten to remind the humans residing with him to not answer the door and let his hired staff do it. His staff knew to screen until Xavier or Greg gave the go-ahead on who to let in. Luka and Brodie didn't. It was an oversight on Xavier's part, which indicated the tension he was facing lately. He was usually so on the ball that very little could get around him. It was evening, on a full moon that had the estate lit up on the clear night. He was out in his stables in the wake of a long ride around the grounds on his prized purebred horse.

And he was ravenous. His eyes were already silver as he strode purposefully back up to the main building, succinctly removing his leather riding gloves. It was around the time he had handed his horse over to his stablehand that Luka had been up at the manor letting Jenna in at the front door because he had been passing through the ornate foyer just as she had approached the door. She never needed to ring the bell, he was opening it up seeing her silhouette through the glass and thought it might have been Seamus coming home. Jenna had come to see Xavier after their chat online where he had completely stonewalled her in regards to Blaise. She was headstrong, thinking she might be able to wrangle at least a few more details out of him in person now he had revealed he knew many things about Blaise.

Even though Greg was on the road to recovery, Xavier wasn't feeding on him as a source of replenishment, merely as affection between them. Since Greg had been attacked, Xavier had been using Vessels on his staff. He missed Skye, but all that was yet another mess he had no clear insight to yet. The Vessel that night was a stunning redhead by the name of Louella who was an international Equestrian champion who Xavier had trained. She thoroughly admired Xavier and had known about what he was for awhile now, happily offering her services. She was in a long designer evening gown, waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs with a knowing smirk.

Xavier flashed her a smile as he approached, taking both her hands into his. "You look stunning tonight, darling," he told her. "Asher never fails you, does he? That colour is divine, like it was simply made for you." He brushed a fleeting kiss to her lips and lead her into the nearby sitting room. Once they were in there, Xavier's silver eyes flashed with hunger and he pressed her up against wall, grabbing her hands with his fingers laced around hers and holding her arms up above her head for that little bit more domination over her. To anyone without the knowledge of what was happening here, it would very much look like Xavier was outright cheating on Greg. The funny thing was, Louella was someone they had both shared simultaneously from time to time. All this was completely normal to them. There was a soft but chaste trail of kisses from her lips to her throat, and he viced her against the wall with his body with his fangs bared and sunk them into the smooth flesh of her throat to feed hungrily.


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